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Xserve RAID powered by… Intel?!

Scott McNulty

Xserve RAIDFor years people have suggested that Apple would fare much better if they ported their OS to the Intel platform. The reasoning goes something like this:

  1. There are lots of Intel boxes out here.
  2. People don’t like Windows.
  3. Lots of people would buy Apple’s OS.
  4. Apple is the new Microsoft
  5. World Peace.

To settle this debate let me say this: porting OS X to Intel is a horrible idea, and Apple will never do it. However, that is not to say Apple would never use an Intel chip, because it appears Intel is an integral part of Apple’s Xserve RAID.

According to CNET the Xserve RAID makes use of Intel’s IOP 331 chip which is used in many similar RAID devices from such companies as IBM and Dell.

This proves one thing and one thing only; Intel will continue to make lots of money for the foreseeable future.

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