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Year-round cherry blossoms with the Attachment Tree Sakura-chan

Gareth Edwards

Attachment Tree Sakura-chanWe're not sure what an Attachment Tree is supposed to be (actually, we're not sure where to even start with this one), but the upshot is that Japanese lighting manufacturer Ryoukou has created an artificial, LED-illuminated cherry tree that weighs half a ton and costs $33,500. The whole thing stands six metres tall, with the branches spanning a diameter of five, just to dash the hopes of all you bedsit-dwelling billionaires out there. Power routes up through the artificial trunk and fans out through the branches to a total of 7,600 white LEDs (there's also a version that combines white and pink for the bargain price of $25,400), making for pretty illuminations to sit and get blatted under all year round, in traditional Japanese fashion.

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