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Mini Mi compact stacking speakers

Mini Mi speakers

We haven't the faintest idea where they got the name, but Mini Mi today announced a new compact speaker design. Each unit is a white 3-inch cube made from anodized aluminum extrusion and plastic, housing a 2-inch aluminum alloy cone speaker. The device is designed to be stackable, so you can arrange multiple speakers to accomodate your particular needs for stereo or surround sound. Multiple units can be stacked to increase volume as desired, and should fit flush thanks to a hidden magnet system (the press release doesn't mention this, but please tell us they're magnetically shielded, right?). The speaker wire terminals are recessed underneath and out of the way, feeding the wire through a slot in the rear. No word on the output specs on these babies, so it's hard to say how much performance each $50 speaker will get you; look for them to ship this May.

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