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Samsung SCH-i830 CDMA/GSM Pocket PC Phone

Samsung i830

Phonescoop has been digging around in the FCC database again (naughty!) and uncovered the recent approval of the Samsung SCH-i830, the first Windows Mobile Pocket PC phone that will rock it on both CDMA and GSM networks. Think of it as sort of the bastard lovechild of the Samsung i730 and the A790 — a Pocket PC slider phone with GSM, CDMA and Bluetooth. It's based on the i730 and shares much of its featureset but, alas, no WiFi and no camera whatsoever. From the A790 half of the family the i830 has inherited quad-band support for CDMA 800/1900 here in the States, and GSM 900/1800 for your travels across the Atlantic to where the good phones live. We'll be curious to see if the QWERTY keyboard fares any better on this unit than on the i730, which damn near broke our hearts.

[Thanks, Rich!]

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