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Ryan Block, @ryan
Save logoThanks to rampant post-communist-societal corruption the proper upholding of fair use statutes abroad, it looks like the Moscow City Police Computer Crimes division or the IFPI will not be going after after all. So it turns out that (brace yourself, Americans) Russian law apparently has strict delineation in standards of the sale of physical goods and the sale of IP, making litigation against nigh impossible so long as they're paying their dues, so to speak. However, the site is still left open to civil lawsuits made by labels and record companies if they can prove the site hasn't been making its required mandatory "payments" to music licensees. We have a feeling the paper trail's at least a mile long, though, so let the downloading, er, continue! Can't you just see Mitch Bainwol screaming "Curse you!" into the thundery night from the RIAA skyscraper on high?

[Via TechDirt]

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