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Sony promising to make portable video easier

Peter Rojas
PSP, UMD, and memory stick

They're still not promising to give us what we really want, like the ability to burn our own UMDs, but Yair Landay, the vice chairman of Sony Pictures, says that in order to make the PlayStation Portable more viable as a multimedia device (and not just as a gaming console), they're going to plug the PSP into their Connect online music download store (which we pretty much already knew and aren't particular excited about anyway), release software for synching the PSP up with both PCs and Macs (which iPSP more or less does now), and start pricing the Memory Stick more competitively (about time!). We don't buy his line about the PSP being the "first entertainment Swiss Army Knife," but he does swear that within the next year or so they're going to start making it much easier in general for users to get video onto their portable devices. Shouldn't actually take a year—all they have to do is not freak out so much about DRM'ing everything to death and/or offer some decently affordable online movie downloads. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

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