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Game grrl: a gameboy-sized NES

Gamegrrl portable NES

Looking for some retro gaming goodness and a day's worth of productive tinkering for less than $75? Check out the game grrl portable gameboy-sized NES, brought to us by ladyada via our pals at hackaday. Made of a Power Player III 'Nintendo on a chip' game controller, a PacTec HP-4AA enclosure, and an original NES controller, this little DIY gadget has a 2.5-inch screen with CCFL backlight, headphone/line out jack, built-in battery compartment and will run about 12 hours on 4 AA alkalines (6-8 hours on NiMH rechargeables). Check the complete assembly instructions on her site and make your own inexpensive, pint-sized NES with built-in games for less than 75 quid. Now that's entertainment.

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