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SanDisk's Cruzer Profile

Peter Rojas
SanDisk Cruzer Profile

Oh man, you know how we sweat the combo gadgets (especially when there is USB involved), which is why the Cruzer Profile, SanDisk's new USB flash drive with a built-in biometric fingerprint scanner, should be getting us all hot and bothered, right? Too bad it's not. Unlike Lexar's USB Jumpdrive TouchGuard or Sony's Micro Vault, it doesn't look like SanDisk could be bothered to actually build the scanner into the drive; instead the scanner comes as a tethered attachment (unless there's something about that press photo we're not getting). Totally kills the buzz, but if you're still up on this, the Cruzer Profile should be out in mid-April in both 512MB and 1GB versions.

[Thanks, Mills00013]

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