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C-guys has ZigBee in SDIO

Ryan Block, @ryan

Okay, so maybe it's time for a little introduction to ZigBee. It's a bit like Ultrawideband and Bluetooth with crossover into the WPAN arena (wireless personal area network), but really it's a low cost (about $6 per radio these days), extremely low power, low speed (between 250 and 20Kbps) lightweight wireless mesh network system—the kind that allows for simple, configuration-free communication between devices of all types. Sound at all interesting? Well, perhaps you might be down with an C-guys, Inc.'s ZigBee SDIO card? This appears to be one of the first handheld-oriented ZigBee control devices yet on the market, and wouldn't you know it, it's due out some time this month for $100.

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