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Dehumidifier + water purifier = Air2Water potable water device

Air2Water Dolphin

If you thought water into wine was a neat trick, check out this device from a company that believes in very literal names, Air2Water. It combines a dehumidifier with a water purifier, to essentially suck the moisture from the air and, instead of discarding it as one normally would, purify it to make it potable. The device, called the Dolphin, has a certain elegance and convenience to it: no lines to hook up, no ungainly five gallon jugs to tote around — just plug in and witness the magic. The Dolphin will produce 20 liters (a little over five gallons, for those who don't speak metric) of water per day at 70% humidity, which is enough for your office if you go through one of those ungainly water cooler jugs per day or less — plus, without the plastic waste, and avoiding other associated costs of water jug transportation (emissions, namely). At first thought, this device is quite clever and yet — isn't there that nagging feeling that someone should have developed this decades ago?

[Thanks, Kevin!]

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