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Mac OS X Tiger in stores by April 15

Tiger Disk

We're looking at a Tiger announcement on April 1 (this best be no Fool's joke, fools) and shipment of same within a couple of weeks — sources are saying to expect boxes on the shelves by April 15. This time (unlike the Macworld SF keynote earlier this year), the announcement will be televised — broadcast via satellite, that is. What we don't know yet is where it will be, and who's invited. The new operating system will retail for $129, and is being billed as the most substantial update to the OS since its inception. Expect a simultaneous release of Quicktime 7, which will also be coming out in an OS X 10.3-compatible version, code-named Gibson. Gibson? We really hope that name is intended as an April Fool's joke.

[Thanks, motech!]

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