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Sony Ericsson continues the music theme with the W31S

Gareth Edwards

Sony W31S

Sony Ericsson is sticking firmly to their plan to make 2005 the year of musical cellphones with the W31S, a slider that works on Japanese provider KDDI's CDMA 1x WIN network. In addition to the music player and FM radio, you get a 2.01-megapixel camera and a 2.4-inch QVGA display. A nasty reminder of Sony's recent past is in store in the fine print, though; the W31S "supports MP3" in that way that only Sony can—you run your MP3s through SonicStage and turn them into ATRAC3. Guys, this is getting really old now, OK? True to the music theme, it comes in two colours called Remix Orange and Acoustic White, which must be some kind of synesthete in-joke ("Wow, that remix sounds really orange, dude.").

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