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Visa and the LCD-equipped smart credit card

Ryan Block, @ryan
Visa smart card

You remember how stoked everyone got when Visa was all up on chipping their cards (not that anything really useful came of that—at least in America, anyway); already 10% of Visa customers worldwide have their CCs pimped like that. Next step? Visa wants to have cards with flexible LCD, OTFT, or OLED displays that read out recent transactions, balances, or exchange rates, and other relevant information. Okay, sounds good to us, but then you have to worry about securing the credit card with biometric countermeasures, and adding microprocessors and even wireless and syncing, by the end you'll wind up with a 0.5-inch thick $150 piece of plastic the maitre'd 's just going to cut up after dinner when you've overextended your line of credit.

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