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Ezmax adds VoIP functionality to MP3 players

Ezmax EZMP-4200P

Korean manufacturer Ezmax is rolling out a new featureset to its line of flash-based portable audio players: VoIP support. The new EZMP-4200P is a fairly standard player aside from this, and the real show is that when connected to your PC via USB, the included software will allow you to place VoIP calls using the player's built-in mic. The unit shows up as a removable drive, inside of which is a dialing icon enabling its usage via third-party VoIP providers. This is currently working under Windows 2000 and XP, with plans to release an OS X version in the near near future (ain't it always the way?). Prices will range from $150 for a 256MB player up to $220 for the 1GB version (with a 512MB available in between), and should be out in Europe this May; Ezmax is also looking into deals with U.S. VoIP providers so it may eventually hit the States, as well.

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