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Is Phantom Dust the Xbox import to own?


It's no secret that the Xbox has been a commercial failure in Japan; in fact, in some circles it's a running joke. So when Microsoft announced it was developing a first-party title exclusive to Japan, a lot of people scratched their heads. Why?

There hasn't been a lot of incentive to get into the Xbox import business, and chances are most of you haven't pursued Japanese compatibility. So while Phantom Dust is probably worth importing, it's probably not worth prepping your Xbox for. Maybe if we fuss and wine enough Microsoft will send it stateside (and to Europe) before the launch of the next-gen Xbox-the game's already in English, you know. Then again, who really believes that will happen?

Phantom Dust will ultimately become the best Xbox game you'll never play. Oh well...

UPDATE: Everyone makes mistakes. And apparently, some of us pay for them. Phantom Dust is available for $19.99 in the US at this very moment. Think you could cut us a little more slack next time, rigmasher? Sheesh!

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