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Apple wants a 10% cut of all Made for iPod accessories

Peter Rojas

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made for ipod

There was nothing too nefarious about Apple coming out with their new "Made for iPod" seal of approval program a few months ago—it was pitched as a convenient way for consumers to know for sure that the accessories they're buying will work with their iPod—but according to CNET there is a dark side to the program: Apple is now demanding a tithe of 10% of the wholesale price of any Made for iPod accessory. No one is forcing anyone to participate in the program (it's not like you need Apple's permission to make an iPod accessory), and it's completely normal (and expected) for manufacturers to drop a little coin for the licensing rights for a logo or to pay for the certification process, but a 10% cut? Sounds less like Apple is trying to look out for consumers (who may end up paying a little more for Made for iPod accessories unless manufacturers decide to take a hit on their margins) and more like they're just looking for a way to get a nice chunk of the rapidly-growing market for third-party accessories without actually having to sell anything extra themselves.

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