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Review of Time Warner's Scientific-Atlanta 8300 Multi-Room DVR

Peter Rojas
Scientific-Atlanta 8300

The news that Comcast and TiVo are getting their swerve on doesn't do you much good if you aren't a Comcast customer (or don't live in an area where they offer service), but the AP has a review today of one of your options if you happen to have Time Warner Cable: Scientific-Atlanta's Explorer 8300 Multi-Room DVR. Not to be confused with their high-def 8300HD box, this one's a standard definition, a dual-tuner, 80GB DVR set-top box which does all the usual crap (you can pause live TV, schedule it to record shows, etc.) but can also stream shows to other, non-DVR set-top boxes that you have around the house. The downside: you can't directly pause live TV with any of these satellite boxes (at least not without a workaround) or set the DVR to record a show from anywhere but the main box.

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