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Taiwan's Compro squeezes HDTV tuner into a USB stick

Marc Perton
compro usb tuner

We admit it: the lure of watching TV on our computer is very, very tempting, especially when we can watch HDTV programming. However, with a laptop, there haven't been too many options other than bulky external boxes, slow downloads or balky streams. Now, however, Taiwan's Compro has unveiled the VideoMateTV DVB-T, an HDTV tuner the size of the proverbial pack of gum (okay, maybe a large pack of gum) that you can plug into your USB port; they also make a non-HD version. Why settle for non-HD? Well, among other reasons, the HDTV version requires a 2.4 GHz processor, while the analog tuner will work with 866 MHz. And now, if you'll excuse us, we have to get back to the soon-to-be-cancelled Arrested Development.

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