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Maps of the Stars

Steve Parsons

World MapIt's the weekend. Baseball season is coming. 989's effort is calling for some serious play time, and yet we still think of you, our beloved audience. So enjoy the following with your Sunday dinner.

Did you ever obsessively map anything when you were younger? For me, it was the old Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. Other people I know mapped games. The folk at The Online Video Game Atlas make maps too. Lots of maps! Seems to be mostly focused on the 16-bit days, but that's not a bad thing. Complete level maps for a large number of games. All very big. All very lovely. The wider maps seem to crash Firefox, but that's not really a surprise. I'm pretty sure the developers never thought "Let's make sure the browser can open a PNG with a width of 11,000 pixels!"

It's a great archive, and even if you're not interested in playing any of the games again, it's great to be able to see just what those levels looked like in all their glory.

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