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Mobile pizza trucks deliver fast food

Super Fast Pizza

Many pizza companies talk fast delivery, but Super Fast Pizza — they talk fast delivery. In fact, before your order is even completed your pie could already be rolling its way to your door, thanks to the wonders of wireless and a small fleet of Chrysler Sprinter vans outfitted with kitchen equipment. You trade off a bit in selection, with only seven possible varieties to order, but you'll get that dough and cheese in about 15 minutes. Order by phone or online, and your pizza pleasure gets doled out to an available $60,000 "mobile kitchen" via a wireless internet connection. Drivers park, load up the oven, and keep on rolling to your door. The service is apparently experiencing rapid growth in its hometown of tiny Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, so owner Scott Matthew plans to, uh, roll out his business plan across the country.

[Via Core 77]

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