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Enfora's GSM/GPRS CF card reviewed

Enfora GSM/GPRS CF card

Mobile Tech Review has a full review of Enfora's GSM/GPRS Compact Flash card for Pocket PCs and Windows notebooks — a quad-band CF accessory that allows you to use your Pocket PC or laptop on your cellphone's GSM network. Pop your phone's SIM card into the slot in this device (sold unlocked and suitable for any GSM carrier) and you'll have a reliable connection for either device wherever you have coverage. MTR found the software intuitive and the connections largely reliable. There's no EDGE support with this card, so surfing speeds won't approach broadband, but for $229 the card does double duty as a single solution to connect your Pocket PC and laptop both. You can also place and receive calls via the card using your regular cell handset, which MTR gives high marks for sound quality. If you can't make use of Bluetooth solutions for all of your connection needs while on the go, the Enfora card could well make a handy addition to your mobile arsenal.

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