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US getting those new JVC recorders, too

jvc drmh300

Looks like JVC is releasing a line of DVD recorders in the US very similar to those we told you about for the UK market.  The new models include the DR-M100S DVD recorder for $349.95, the DR-MH300S, which has the same DVD recorder as the DR-M100S but adds a 160GB hard drive and 64x dubbing (it'll set you back $699.95), and the $449.95 DR-MV5S DVD/VHS recorder, which has JVC's "exlcusive" VHS Progressive Scan.  Also coming down the pipe is the DR-DX7S, a DVD recorder with a 250GB hard drive and built-in Mini DV deck, look for it in July for a hefty $1,799.95.  The DR-M100S should be out this month, with the DR-MV5S following in April and the DR-M100S finally coming out in July.

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