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UK lampposts to get WiFi, flash memory

Lamppost wifi

WiFi hot spots? Bah — UK company Last Mile Communications says it will convert the humble lamppost into all the internet access you need. But why stop there, when a lamppost could be so much more? Last Mile's plans include installing flash memory inside the posts to store information about local stores and restaurants. Then, all a passerby need do is run a bit of proprietary code courtesy of Last Mile (dubbed MagicBook by some marketing exec who's clearly absorbed too much Harry Potter) to access the information on the lamppost. Not convinced yet? But wait — the lamppost hot spots could be used by… emergency services! Yeah, that's it — when firefighters arrive on the scene to combat a raging blaze, they'll just take a moment to whip out their laptops and see which neighborhood pub will be best for cooling off in afterwards. We've seen plans of this variety in the States, too, but somehow we have yet to see the thronging hordes crouched against a lamppost with Pocket PCs, looking for clubs.

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