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Crystal Cable $400 iPod stereo connector

Crystal Cable iPod connector

You're not a true audiophile until you shell out more for the cable for your iPod than you've spent on the iPod itself. So what if the vast majority of our music collection consists of MP3s encoded at 128Kbps? Don't bother us with trifles — we've gotta have the very finest in audio quality, folks. We'll stand for nothing less than Crystal Cable's ultra-thin silver conductors with gold infusions. All of our molecular gaps are filled in this cable, people. Will you check out the translucent outer Teflon jacket on that thing? Who can go back to a stiff $20 Monster Cable after witnessing the slinky flexibility of the Piccolo iPod connector? We can't go back. Only $400 for helically wrapped Kapton film? Hello, bargain!

[Thanks, David]

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