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Inventel DECT cordless VoIP gateway combines phone/DSL router

Marc Perton

The DECT Cordless VoIP Gateway looks like it could be pretty handy for anyone looking to combine a DSL connection with a VoIP service. It includes a DSL router with WPA support and an integrated firewall, as well as a USB port to enable wireless printing or file-serving. There's just one problem: Most DSL customers (at least in the U.S.) get their service from a telco, and are pretty much held hostage to that same company for their voice service as well (and most VoIP services provide their own adapters for analog phones). Of course, Inventel is a French company, so things may be different in their home market, but if they want to sell this thing in America, they better be prepared to take aucuns mercis for an answer.

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