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How to clean your DSLR sensor for a lot less than $100

Marc Perton

pixel sweeperBy now, you've heard about the Olympus Evolt's ultrasonic dust-removal system, designed to keep the camera's CCD squeaky clean. But if you already own a rival DSLR — or aren't prepared to go for the Olympus just because you know it won't grow dust bunnies — what are your options? Petteri Sulonen has some good tips on using the Sensor Brush, a $100 brush kit from Canadian outfit VisibleDust. More significantly, he has detailed directions on not using the Sensor Brush; check out his full post if you want to see how to clean your CCD without slapping down a c-note. And remember, don't try this at home unless you really know what you're doing. Even if you have a "cheap" DSLR (i.e., one that set you back less than a grand), you don't want to ruin it while trying to clean it.

[Via Photography Blog]

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