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Better Light's E-HS digital backs: 144 megapixels for $9,495

Marc Perton
better light

Is that 8 megapixel DSLR just not doing it for you anymore? This time around, instead of doubling or tripling your pixel count when you upgrade, why not bump it up an order of magnitude with a 144 megapixel medium-format digital scanning back? That's what's on offer from Better Light, which has a new series of "affordable" backs designed for use with medium-format film cameras. The E-HS series backs use Kodak's tri-linear color CCD, which captures up to 48 megapixels per color (the 144 megapixel count comes from adding up the red, blue and green counts). Needless to say, these units aren't for casual snapshooting. Capturing a 144 megapixel image takes "as little as" 66 seconds, and the back alone weighs over two pounds. But if you're a studio shooter with a big investment in medium-format gear, $6,495 to $9,495 may be a reasonable price to pay to go digital without sacrificing image quality.

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