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Toshiba's Gigabeat F landing shortly?

Ryan Block, @ryan
Toshiba Gigabeat F

You remember Toshiba's Gigabeat, don't you? The one that ranks among the all-time highest in the Foreign Devices We'd Sacrifice An Appendage For, the one that Toshiba released in sizes up to 60GB totally snubbing Apple, and that has a huge 2.2-inch QVGA screen. Well, good news for you: DAPreview is predicting wonderful things since the player's gone up for pre-sale on the ever-reliable J&R, and for a full $100 off the expected price on the 60GB (that'd be $450 down from $550)—also, the 10GB is up for $280, 20GB for $330, and 40GB for $350.

[Via DAPreview]

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