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Cingular tops in customer complaints

Peter Rojas
cell complaints

We've heard complaints about every major carrier in the country (no, we're not going to call up the president of Sprint and bitch on your behalf), but if you're looking to switch and want something a little more official to base your decision on than that you heard that your sister's boyfriend's dad's co-worker gets crappy reception near Taco Bell, Consumers Union (the people behind Consumer Reports) have just published a report based on FCC data that  ranks each of the major US wireless carrier in terms of customer complaints. The big winner/loser? Cingular (combined with AT&T Wireless), which with 299.8 complaints per million customers managed to have the worst record of the bunch. Either absorbing AT&T Wireless and its awful track record must have really hurt their standing or Cingular must be raising the bar on the number of complaints they'll tolerate, because Verizon Wireless had about one-fourth as many complaints per million customers.
[Via Mobile Gadget News]

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