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Is this palmOne's LifeDrive?

Peter Rojas
palmOne Life Drive

Not particularly convinced yet that this is real, but an anonymous source emailed us this image of what purports to be palmOne's next handheld (which may or may not be called the "LifeDrive"). Anyway, supposedly this new Palm is going to have a 480x320 TFT display, a 4GB hard drive, 802.11b WiFi, USB 2.0, a 416MHz Intel Bulverde processor, 32MB of SDRAM (that seems way low, but then again, it's palmOne), and Bluetooth 1.1. Our source didn't mention an OS, but it looks more or less like it's running on Palm OS Cobalt. Given palmOne's reported reluctance to release a Cobalt-powered handheld this year, that detail alone could be enough to clinch this as a fake. If not, the slightly smudgy "palmOne" logo up top should make you at least a little incredulous. Like we said, we're feeling a little iffy about this one.

UPDATE: Or maybe it's not running Cobalt. Still looks pretty fake.

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