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KIST's Ahra bot

Peter Rojas
KIST Ahra Maru robots

Apparenty the Korea Institute of Science and Technology didn't want anyone to think that their new Maru humanoid robot (which they introduced earlier this year as the "world's smartest robot") was a swinging bachelor or anything, because they've just introduced a new "female" companion for Maru named "Ahra". What makes it a fembot? The Ahra reportedly has a "feminine" voice and is orange instead of blue, but otherwise the Ahra is about the same as the Maru, which means that it's 150cm tall, weighs 67kg, and is controlled by a wirelessly-connected PC rather than an onboard computer (the semi-unsettling part, at least for anyone threatened by gendered robots, is that both Maru and Ahra are controlled by the same PC).

[Via Near Near Future]

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