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PyMusique creator says it was all about getting Linux for iTunes

Peter Rojas
iTunes Music Store

We've been a little too distracted this week to notice where things currently stand in the pitched battle between Apple and the makers of PyMusique (that app which lets you buy DRM-less songs from the iTunes Music Store), but our pal Arik Hessaldahl over at spoke with Cody Brocious (one of the guys who isn't DVD Jon), and got some good background on how this all happened. Cody says that they weren't originally setting out to create an interface for the iTunes Music Store that let you buy songs without any DRM—it was simply a pleasant side effect of creating an interface for Linux users. We sort of want to believe them when they say that they didn't realize that the DRM was attached to tracks until after they were downloaded, but that doesn't exactly explain why they then went on to create a Windows-based version of PyMusique, does it? (Not that we really care, since sooner or later someone was going to figure it out.) Anyway, we doubt that Stevie J. would ever take them up on it, but Cody's now offering to help Apple create a Linux-compatible interface for the iTunes Music Store.

[Via eHomeUpgrade]

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