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A thousand people dancing at a silent rave

Ryan Block, @ryan
LTB FreeZone headphones

It seems slightly (okay, highly) counterintuitive to us to go about cutting party noise by having everyone dance wearing wireless headphones—afterall, isn't half the point in listening to the music out and loud? But hey, we're not going to pretend the rave scene ever made much sense to begin with, and apparently Glastonbury's trying to appease The Man by moving late-night dance sessions to a mass headphone affair because of all that pesky block-rocking bass (maybe they were inspired by those Sony commercials from a few weeks back?). But seriously, have you ever been to a party with no music? It's freaking scary, man—imagine taking off the headphones and hearing the sounds of a few hundred or thousand people dancing? Actually, no, that would be totally amazing and hilarious.

[Via BoingBoing]

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