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MIC turns 3D bodyscans into figurines

Gareth Edwards
3D-scanned figurine

Plastic figurines based on celebrities, historical personages and indeed any teenage talento who are currently in vogue are a staple of the otaku diet in Japan, but as they're created by hand they suffer the same problem anyone who's visited Madame Tussaud's will attest to; namely, they often look only vaguely like the real thing. Japanese company MIC is taking an innovative tack that will no doubt have the purists up in arms, but produces spectacular results; they take a 3D scan of the person to be modeled, clean up the resulting data and overlay a 2D photo on it to get the correct colouring, then laser-cut a figurine and auto-colour the results. Check out the video at the site below to see the results (the page will probably be archived in a day or so, but we'll update the link).

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