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Apple ready to roll out hardware updates


iMac G5Starting in April, Apple will be rolling out some updates in its iMac G5, iBook G4 and eMac G4 lines, specifically targeted towards the educational market's equipment acquisition season. The iMac is scheduled to get a bump up from 1.6 to 1.8 GHz on its low-end model, while the high-end of the line will get 2.0 GHz processors. They'll also be getting improved SuperDrives and more stock memory. While rumors of a possible iMac HD edition have circulated since January, it's still not confirmed whether or not Apple will put out an iMac with a high-definition display.

Updated eMacs are also up next month, despite claims by pundits that the Mac mini would essentially displace the eMac. The upgrades won't be earth-shattering: slightly faster processors and improved video capabilities — but Apple may focus on reducing the cost of the eMac enclosure in order to reduce the overall cost of the units. The Do-It-Yourself Repair and Upgrade program that debuted with the iMac G5, which offers consumers instructions on upgrading or performing specific repairs, will be finding its way to the eMac in this rev. Lastly, the iBook G4 is looking at some speed bumps, though they may not actually emerge until later in the season. Some of the delay may be in part due to indecision over who will supply the iBook's TrackPad solution, as the latest PowerBook rev received a host of consumer complaints about erratic behavior from the in-house solution TrackPads.

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