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Boeing's Connexion service reviewed by Tom's Networking

Marc Perton

We've been hearing about Connexion — Boeing's satellite-based inflight WiFi service — for a while, but haven't had a chance to actually try it out (it's not currently available on any U.S. carriers). However, Tom's Networking did put it through its paces, and found that it actually works as advertised. Users were able to surf at roughly DSL speeds, make Skype calls and even conduct video conferences all from the (relative) comfort of their seats. The biggest downside they saw was a familiar one: laptop battery life, especially on the long-haul flights being promoted by Boeing and its partners (currently Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, SAS, ANA, Japan Airlines, China Airlines, El Al, and Korean Air). Of course, if you fly First Class, you can plug your laptop in, something that we assume the airlines are only too happy to have you do.

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