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Scalar's Teleglass glasses

Ryan Block, @ryan
Scalar Teleglass glasses

We keep seeing the same old thing made new in video glasses/wearable displays—what can we say? Like most other wearable displays (see: Mitsubishi's Scopo, Second Sight, Video Eyewear, Glasstron, Eyetop Centra, etc.) some kind of video input is provided to the Teleglass (in this case, they use a portable DVD player or digital camera as an example, though specifics on interconnects are not mentioned), which then projects images the equivalent size of a 14-inch screen from 3 feet in your field of vision. We know there will always be a market for people so obsessed with video in their field of vision that they'll wear sunglasses indoors, so it follows that they're just the kind who'll pony up the 470 some-odd dollars for the things. For the rest of us, well, we can all have a bit of a laugh at their expense and carry on looking at our screens the old fashioned way.

[Via textually]

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