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Nikon D50 is for real, yo

Nikon D50

So yesterday we posted on the leakage of a manual for the Nikon D50, and as noted in the comments and via Digital Photography Review, the camera is indeed real and, according to Nikon spokesperson Susumu Enomoto, is going to go on sale in the "not-too-distant future." Of course, that's the generic marketing term for "whenever we get around to it," and Enomoto wasn't forthcoming with any other details about the camera's actual specs — but he did indicate that Nikon is planning to soon release a whole new range of digital SLRs from the high end to the entry-level, of which the D50 will be but one. The D50 will follow hot on the heels of the D70, which has sold about 1 million units since its release last year, accounting for about 40 percent of the global digital SLR market during that time.

[Via Digital Photography Review]

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