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Order Chinese food from within World of Warcraft

Vladimir Cole

Pandaren WoW Deal

Not to be outdone by rival Sony Online Entertainment's deal with Pizza Hut that allows Everquest II players to order pizza without leaving their chairs, Blizzard today announced an in-game feature that will allow the 1.5 million people who subscribe to World of Warcraft to simply type /panda to order delicious Chinese food from within the World of Warcraft interface.

From the official announcement:

"In less time than it takes your party's casters to regain mana … you can order Chinese take-out from the comfort of your chair! No more tedious walking over to the telephone! No more arduous pushing of unfamiliar phone numbers! .... Our friendly staff is standing by to prepare your order 24 hours a day. If your food isn't delivered in 30mins by a person dressed in a Pandaren costume, you eat FREE!"

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