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Is this Oswin handset going to be the first Palm OS Cobalt smartphone

Peter Rojas
Oswin Palm OS Cobalt smartphone

Is this going to be the first smartphone to run on Palm OS Cobalt? We all know that it ain't gonna be palmOne (unless they get off their sorry asses and rush a Cobalt-powered Treo out the door), but apparently an offshoot of Group Sense PDA by the name of Oswin Technology is promising to relase a smartphone that runs on Cobalt sometime in the third quarter of this year. Now Group Sense did promise back in February that they'd be the first to come out with a Cobalt-powered smartphone, but here's where things get dicey: Oswin hasn't actual shown off a phone running on Cobalt. Rather what they're showing off is a phone that they claim can run several different smartphone operating systems, including Palm OS Cobalt, but that a Windows Mobile-powered version of the phone will be introduced first. Feel free to be sketched out.

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