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The Land Walker, robot transport Gundam style

Gareth Edwards

Robot walkerWe've no idea who Sakakibara Kikai are, apart from having a vague inkling that they may have the odd screw loose here and there, but they've come up with a two-legged, person-carrying robot vehicle that looks like it'd be ready to audition for a live-action Gundam film at the drop of a hat. Admittedly the Land Walker doesn't so much walk as shimmy its 3.4-metre-tall bulk around the place (looks like there are wheels under those feet), and it tops out at a less-than-threatening 1.5 km/h, but it does have the looks, and even a pair of guns (which fire squishy balls, unfortunately). They also have some video of it, well, sliding around.

Via Slashdot Japan (Japanese)

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