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Wealthy Gulf rebels using text to mobilize the masses

Marc Perton

phonesText messaging has become the tool of choice for Persian Gulf dissidents seeking to get their message to the masses, according to the Washington Post. Just as previous generations of rebels used fax machines and anonymous remailers to get around government filters, activists in countries like Kuwait and Bahrain are texting their followers to get them to the polls, organize demonstrations and circulate electronic samizdat. However, there's one big difference between these activists and earlier tech-savvy protestors: they've got bucks. With text messages costing as much as 40 cents a pop in countries like Kuwait, texting hundreds of followers can be a pricey proposition for a latter-day Tom Paine. But with oil prices at record levels, the Gulf states are awash in cash, according to the Post, making it possible for rich revolutionaries to get their messages out.

[Via SmartMobs]

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