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Hospitals are sick of dirty keyboards

BlackBerry 7100g

So it looks like LG and Samsung were actually onto something with that whole anti-bacterial thing. Now hospitals are starting to report a similar effect from all sorts of keyboard-bearing devices (Blackberries, PDAs and the like), the proliferation of which is apparently posing a challenge for infection control. It's not as if the fact that stuff you put your hands all over can transmit disease is new, but in hospital environments there do float around some nasties of the atypical variety. Contaminated keyboards there can cause skin infections as well as trigger life-threatening bloodstream infections such as VRE and MRSA. We have no idea what those things are, but any disease with a name long enough to warrant an acronym, we're pretty sure we don't want. So wash those grubby mitts, pals, particularly after your next sickbed visit.

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