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The BBC weighs in on why the Segway fell short of its hype

Ryan Block, @ryan

Okay, so we're kind of missing the part where it's surprising that something so hyped by inventor and spinmaster extrordinaire Dean Kamen (and subsequently Jobs and Bezos, if you recall) as the Segway fell short of its expectations to instantly change the world and the way we look at transportation. Don't get us wrong, we love 'em to death, but that Segway's UK distributor has only ever sold between 30 and 50 machines (which they attribute to a law which makes using one on the street, but not the sidewalk, illegal) is surely sour grapes—maybe it's got a bit more to do with the fact that they're still very pricey, and most people seem to feel (and look) like dorks riding them? Beats us. Still, an average price of £2,800 (about $5,300) is seriously harsh to deal with when they go for less than half that out here.

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