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DAB Digital radio to add one button download service

DAB Radio

We're happy that those of you outside of the States are not subjected to the sorry state of commercial radio here, and we are especially envious of those of you rockin' the DAB. We're going to be envying you even more when UBC Media implements their new digital download service, which will enable DAB listeners to purchase and download music as quickly and easily as pressing a button on the radio itself. The concept is that while listening, if you hear a tune that you want to download, you just press a button on your specialized DAB radio, which sends a request to the content provider. The next time you log on to your PC, a copy of that track will be available for you to download. No word on exactly when the service will kick off, but UBC has secured funding to jump start the venture. Bring something sweet like that (and some DAB radio, while you're at it) Stateside, will ya mates?

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