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The AirScooter II personal flying vehicle

AirScooter II

Inventor Elwood "Woody" Norris first developed high-end stereo speakers, an alarm that signals when a hip replacement has worn out, and now — the next logical creation — the AirScooter II, a personal aircraft that can hover or fly at speeds up to 55 knots. The aircraft weighs around 300 pounds and does not require a pilot's license to operate. It operates on two rotors in a fashion similar to most helicopters, but is apparently easier to fly. The flight controls live in the motorbike-style handlebars and there are no foot pedals whatsoever, meaning the craft could be piloted by those without the use of their legs. Pricing hasn't been officially set, but the Nevada-based company, AirScooter (what's with these cryptic names?), expects to release the product this year for less than $50,000. A bit rich for our blood, but damn if it wouldn't make a fine Engadget-mobile. We wouldn't mind showing up at the next trade show in this. Peep the video of The AirScooter II in action below.

Video: AirScooter II in flight [Quicktime]

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