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Verizon CEO thinks it's unreasonable to expect your cellphone to work at home

Peter Rojas
Ivan Seidenberg

Could someone at Verizon keep CEO Ivan Seidenberg away from the press? We'll let that fact that he ridiculed municipal WiFi slide, since he's just protecting his turf (even if he did call it "one of the dumbest ideas" he's ever heard), but whining about Verizon Wireless customers who complain about the quality of their cellphone service is pretty weak. In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle he asks, "Why in the world would you think your (cell) phone would work in your house? The customer has come to expect so much." We can understand his frustration, since perfect coverage is impossible, and it's no fun dealing with people who expect to get four bars in their basement, but, um, maybe, just maybe it's because over the past year we've been exposed to an endless barrage of "Can you hear me now?" ads touting Verizon's superior coverage? Saying that it's not Verizon's responsibility to release detailed coverage maps stats about how well your service works inside homes isn't exactly helping your case, either.

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