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Motorola finally lets it go: the MPx is no more

Ryan Block, @ryan
Motorola MPx

We've seen some harsh to handle stillborn products (especially in the MPx line), but we're going to admit we were a bit saddened to hear Motorola confirmed that the MPx is going to be no more. Well, not entirely no more, but that limited-release basis it saw in Southeast Asia is going to be status quo for the issue-riddled device, and we can definitely not expect to see it Stateside except through import shops who like ringing 'em up for a G or more. Of course, we'll be willing to let this roll of their shoulders if the RAZRberry we've been waiting for so patiently can quickly slide into the qwerty-keyboard equipped smartphone slot we'd been saving for the MPx, but it looks like this makes Motorola 2 for 2 on Windows Mobile devices right now (the MPx200 and MPx220 vs. the MPx and MPx100). But who's keeping track? Oh, us, right.

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