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Ergodex DX-1 Input System lets you build a custom key layout

Marc Perton

Not happy with the options offered by standard ergonomic keyboards? Then how about just designing your own? That's the theory behind the Ergodex DX-1 Input System, which includes 25 keys (with additional keys available) that you can position on a special tray and configure to perform any functions you want. The keys communicate wirelessly with a base station under the transparent tray, allowing you to position them literally anywhere and still use them. The company has mostly marketed the $150 system to gamers with itchy trigger fingers, though their software lets you define macros to use it with any software. Touch typists, however, might have a little trouble getting used to the keys' limited tactile feedback. Still, it's a creative solution to the need for truly customized keyboards.

[Thanks, Pankaj]

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