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Verizon and Sprint say no to the iTunes phone

Peter Rojas
Motorola iTunes

As inconceivable as it must be for some people to imagine anyone saying no to Stevie J., BusinessWeek is reporting that both Sprint and Verizon Wireless have already said no to Motorola's iTunes phone. Rumors about tension between the carriers and Motorola and Apple have been running rampant ever since Moto scrapped the handset's unveiling last month, and it looks like the carriers, which are introducing their own wireless music download services later this year (BusinessWeek reports that Cingular, Verizon, and Sprint all have them in the works), are playing hardball now. They don't see any reason to cut Apple in on their relationship with their subscribers, and they definitely see no reason to subsidize a handset that encourages people to transfer music over from their PCs rather than buying it over-the-air (giving their subscribers what they really want is always a secondary concern).

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